Shawn Yue Eddie Peng Wu Kong 余文樂 vs 彭于晏
Shawn Yue Eddie Peng Wu Kong 余文樂 vs 彭于晏

Shawn Yue (余文樂) and co-star Eddie Peng (彭于晏) was in Mongkok, Hong Kong today to promote their latest movie WuKong, The Monkey King. Both friends were asked by the event to participate in a game with fans who came to support the campaign.

A female fan was invited on stage to hold the Monkey God’s spear and battle with the two mega stars. Eddie went on to hold the female fan’s hands, showing her how to operate the spear. Shawn Yue immediately said:

“That’s how he usually court girls”.

Later during the interview with media, Shawn said he was only kidding and revealed that Eddie in indeed single for a very long time now and has no female for him to court.

“He is a lonely worm. I wIsh he haS someone. I have no one to introduce to hIM. I only have enough for myself”

Joking aside, Wu Kong features the story dated back to five hundred years before the Monkey King wreaks havoc on the heavenly kingdom, Wukong refuses to bow down to his destiny when he sets out to rebel against the gods.