Another eligible bachelor is off the market. Hongkong actor Shawn Yue, 36, surprised all today (Dec 5) when he announced on Instagram that he has gotten hitched to his girlfriend of one year, Taiwanese model Sarah Wang, 29.

“It’s all about meeting the right person at the right time.

I want to thank Heaven for arranging the perfect you to appear at the perfect moment. I want to thank you for filling my world with positivity — so full of happiness, full of laughter.I also want to thank you for your innocence and how it was made my life simpler and happier,”

He wrote. “In the 12 months [that we’ve been together], you have changed my life so much. Thank you for trusting me and I’m grateful that you have entrusted me with the rest of your life. I will definitely bring you happiness and I will definitely take good care of you. I love you.”

So who is Sarah Wang?

Turns out, the 1.68m-tall beauty is the daughter of Wang Dong Sheng aka the director of Taiwan’s biggest leather goods company. It’s been reported that her father was one of the first few Taiwanese businessman to venture into China and his company is said to be the world’s largest leather belt manufacturer. His net worth is a reported 6bil RMB (S$1.2bil).

It’s said that Shawn had met Sarah when he was filming Love Off The Cuff, the sequel to his 2010 mega-hit Love In A Puff, which he starred opposite Miriam Yeung. The actor had previously dated TVB actress Natalie Tong and singer-songwriter Candy Lo.

It’s been reported that Shawn and Sarah held their very low-key wedding in Melbourne, a fact that has been made known in the press because, wait for this, the landlord of a netizen studying in Melbourne is the mother of the wedding’s caterer.

Finally all the three male idols in the Initial D movie are all with their other halves. Jay Chou married sweetheart Hannah Quillivan and now have 2 children. Edison Chen was in the media for the sex scandal for a while time. However, he seemed to lead a more stable and opted for a family life when he and girlfriend Shu Pei gave birth to a baby girl.

Shawn Yue is the last to catch up but the 36 year old look extremely happy to have found the love of his life. We wish the beautiful couple all the happiness and bliss in the world!