Former ATV actress Pinky Cheung (張文慈) recently expressed frustration and anger over a tabloid digging up her past interview and publishing reports about her dark past again.

According to Mingpao, a tabloid recently released an interview with Pinky and made it seem like she revisited the sexual assault she faced when she was much younger.

In fact, the actress had only spoke about the sexual abuse once 20 years ago, and that it sparked criticism from many, who claimed that Pinky was making up stories for publicity.

In a Weibo post she published recently, Pinky said that she had never mentioned the rape case in the latest interview, as she has already moved on from her past.

“In 2010, I found Jesus, and my life is no longer the same. The past is in the past, what wrong is wrong, and I needed to be brave to face all my failures and heartbreak,” she added.

Pinky said that since she joined TVB last year, the media has started to dig up all the past interviews. She also alleged that the tabloid added new photos of her on the article about her past, which made it look like she spoke about the issue again in her latest interview when it was actually never mentioned.

“In fact, throughout the interview, I never once mentioned the [rape]. If you don’t believe me, we can search the internet to see the interview. They use this story and create their own content,” she said.

Pinky added that the most hurtful part of the issue is that a lot of readers are making speculations about her and accusing her of trying to gain publicity again.

Finally, the actress stated that she has already forgotten the past and has moved on with her life, adding that people should stop reporting about her past and grow a conscience.

(Photo Source: Pinky Cheung Instagram)