Juliette Louie miss hong kong dad

The favorites from 2017 Miss Hong Kong have returned from their adventurous trip to Taiwan, reducing their numbers from 12 to 11 contestants. In a meeting with celebrity judge Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Angela Lau (劉穎敏) was fouled on the spot.

During their trip in Taiwan, a gossip magazine covered Juliette Louie’s (雷莊兒) wealthy father Henry Louie (雷葆文), a product designer who owns about a hundred million dollars in property. Juliette also had a boyfriend Brandon, who was reported to be much older than her.

Juliette said she is no longer dating Brandon, but the two have remained friends after breakup. Asking if she liked older men, Juliette admitted,

“Many girls like older men because they’re more mature. Age is just a number. It’s all about whether or not we have chemistry.”

The 23-year-old was then asked if she is currently in a relationship and gently shook her head in reply. Juliette seems hesitant at admitting to having a boyfriend, but she did imply having one in a previous interview, when she was asked if her boyfriend supported her decision to audition for MHK.

As for her father Henry Louie, she said, “My father supports me, and he was the one who nominated me. I’m pretty simple. I love acting and dancing, so I want to use this platform to join the industry.”

Speaking about her fellow contestant Angela Lau, who was fouled during their trip in Taiwan, Juliette said, “She was the first friend I made during our second round of interviews. I really miss her.” (Are you worried that more contestants will get fouled?) “I was never concerned about this.”

Source: On.cc