Louis Koo (古天樂) and Michelle Saram (雪兒) film Bullets over Summer (爆裂刑警) movie in 1999 and A Step into the Past (尋秦記) series in 2001. Both act as a couple in the movie, Paradox (殺破狼.貪狼) together after 16 years and Hannah Chan (陳漢娜) acts as their daughter. Michelle feels okay to work with Louis again:

“It is the same as before and very comfortable. We are friends anyway.”

Asking Louis about the feeling of working with Michelle again, he says: “I have been keeping in contact with her all along and we act as husband and wife. At first, the director, Wilson Yip and I have no clue at all until we happen to watch At the Threshold of an Era (創世紀II之天地有情) series.

Plus, Wilson works with her in Bullets over Summer (爆裂刑警) film before and I call her immediately. (Less scenes in the film this time?) Quite a lot and she helps me too. It reminds me of filming Bullets over Summer movie and hope she will act as my wife again next time.”


Source: Ming Pao (HK)