Lorene Ren broke her own limits to endorse an underwear brand.

Wearing a white long dress for the press conference, the actress’s deep cleavage drew the focus of the media. She revealed that she had felt both shy and happy at first, because the commercials were shot beautifully.

Lorene also shared more about her family’s reactions, divulging that her father was shocked but said nothing to her, while her older sister, singer-actress Selina Jen encouraged her and said she has always “wanted to see what a fairy’s bra looked like.”

But then, Selina started teasing her, jokingly saying

“if the bra makes you look ‘’big” there,[then] it must [really] be a good bra.”

Though she was teased by her sister for her small chest size, Lorene shared that she actually uses a C-cup. When asked who was “bigger”, Selina or Lorene, Lorene said proudly, “We both are[ the same].” When the topic turned to her love life, the actress said bashfully, “Don’t rush me. I’m not in a hurry.”