The main cast of new military war movie Sky Hunter (空天猎) attended a press conference today. Directed by actor Li Chen (李晨), the honorable list of actors and actresses join the movie set.

One of the most important cast members is Chen Li’s mega star girlfriend, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰). He had politely asked her to support him in his efforts of directing the movie, by starring it in.

She said yes and did it for free of charge!

Chen explained his struggles in directing the movie. He wanted the theme to reflex a mysterious, cool air force army feel. He stated that the many parts of the shoots were performed in a simulation cabin of a aircraft.

After finishing the shoot, he realized his health deteriorated. Despite his failing health, he also spent most of his investment money in special effects.

Soon he ran out of money to pay for actors’ fees and other equipments.

Due to his financial constraints, he went to his girlfriend, Fan Ye,:

“I don’t have any money left, could you play a role for free?”

Bingbing sweetly said: “He spent all his time on the film in the two years, surely I would support him. But I didn’t expect that I would become the heroine”.