Kim Woo-bin has been receiving medical treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer and just finished his first round of chemotherapy, according to his agency.

The Entertainment Company Sidus HQ recently released an update on Kim’s health condition. It has been informed that the results of the first treatment are still pending. “He has recovered enough to be able to exercise and once we have seen results of the first treatment by the middle of August, we’ll be able to talk about future plans and see if there will be a second one,” the source from Sidus HQ said.

“Pharmaceuticals have advanced a lot lately, and Kim Woo-bin hasn’t lost any hair or experienced many drastic changes in physical appearance as a result of the chemotherapy. The only thing is, he has lost about 10 kilograms (approximately 22 pounds) of weight. He is currently maintaining a body weight in the low 60-kilogram range”, the agency said.

The 28 year old actor who starred in the drama “Uncontrollably fond” with Suzy, from Miss A in 2016, was also scheduled to start filming the movie “Wiretap” on July of this year. However, the production team delayed the filming to prioritize the actor’s treatment.

A source from the film stated: “We heard about the truth of Kim Woo Bin’s illness. We are planning to push back the filming because his health is more important than filming the movie. We hope he recovers soon”