Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and  Kenneth Ma (馬國明) couple baby 2017
Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and  Kenneth Ma (馬國明) were at a promotion event and was asked about having a family and children.

Jacqueline expresses that she loves children and is very popular among the little ones because she has tactics to make them happy. She said she definitely plans to have children one day.

When asked about her relationship with Kenneth, she shared: “Haha, I’m still single and I’m still trying to understand him better.”

Jacqueline revealed that she will not give birth at an old age. She said:

“The latest I will give birth is 35 years old and I’m 28 this year so there’s 7 years left.”

However, if we do the math, Kenneth is currently 43 years old. 7 years later, he will be 50 years old. Media further asked if she would be concerned that Kenneth would be an old father at 50 years old? She responded:

“I have no idea, you will have to ask him.”

Reporters pressed further if Kenneth would be a good father.

Jacqueline responded:

“Yes, he treats his family really well and always place them as his top priority.”