After eight years of dating, Eric Suen (孫耀威) and Macy Chan (陳美詩) officially registered for marriage in Los Angeles.

While promoting his latest single “It’s My Day” with his new record labelEric made the sudden announcement, rendering fans in utter surprise. Eric revealed that he had proposed to Macy three years ago when they were on a trip together to Switzerland, but the couple had delayed their marriage plans due to Eric’s injury last year. Macy’s three-carat diamond engagement ring was allegedly worth over $1 million HKD.

Eric said, “We’re both Christians and we hope to go back to Hong Kong to have an official wedding at a church. This song is a gift to my wife who remained by my side all these years, helping me when I was at my lowest and led me along the way. I hope everyone will give us their blessings!”

(left) Leanna Li, (right) Grace Wong

The beautiful group of bridesmaids include just recently married Grace Wong and Leanna Li. Wong Cho-lam, Laurinda Ho, May Kwong, Pancy Chan and Corinna Chamberlain also attended the ceremony.

Lorinda Ho


The couple chose a historic church to hold the ceremony. Eric said the church was meaningful to him. It was his first church and he was in the habit of finding comfort here and it‘s their honour to hold their ceremony in such a historic church before it disappeared.

When talking about having children, Eric said:

“The more the better. But we are not in a hurry. I think Macy will have a lot of children”.

When talking about their honeymoon, Eric said he will go to Paris for a performance in November and maybe they will honeymoon then.

Grace Wong disclosed Macy wanted to enjoy couple-time for a while. Talking about herself, she said she will learn to be a mother from married friends first.

Source: MSN