Edison Chen reveals baby daughter to the world


For months, 36-year-old Edison Chen (陳冠希) and his girlfriend, 27-year-old Shanghainese model Shupei Qin (秦舒培) were leaving the media wondering about the rumored silent pregnancy. They finally announced that the unlikely couple were expecting. It was not until June, when a friend posted a photo of Edison holding a baby girl and celebrating the baby’s 100th day of birth that substantiated the claims. In addition to keeping their relationship under the radar, the couple has also been keeping the baby girl’s birth under wraps.

However, Edison seems to finally be ready to show off his daughter to the world. Recently, the first-time father posted a close up picture of his daughter, revealing her identity to the world.

They named her “Alaia.”

Already five months old, baby Alaia is extremely adorable, with large, doughy eyes and small lips. From the photo, she seems to resemble her mother more.

Although many fans complimented on Alaia’s cutenessand congratulated Edison, many are still in shock that Hong Kong’s notorious “bad boy” is now a father. Perhaps fatherhood and the one woman will tone down his temper and compel him to mature.

Source: HK01.com