A photo of Cyndi Wang (王心凌) wearing undergarment is leak out online earlier and her old love, Yao Yuanhao (姚元浩) admits he is the photographer and issues public apology.

He tells Cyndi:

“Please find the culprit and return justice to me.”

Cyndi finally breaks the silence and leaves a message with 1480 words in Facebook personally that she hopes to find the real culprit when reporting to the police after 15 days of the incident.

She says: “He can do it earlier but only handles it after the disputes and scoldings by the netizens.

It is supposed to resolve 15 days before the incident happens and find the truth before further harm and the discussions by the media.

His comment is funny and pitiful.” Cyndi’s lawyer wants her to sue Yuanhao but she decides not to as he is her old love after all.

 Ming Pao (HK)