Chapman To (杜汶澤) was admitted to the hospital due to excessive alcohol drinking. The condition had caused his stomach to bleed internally from too much drinking.

Fortunately, his condition was stable after series of examinations and was discharged from the hospital shortly after.

His wife, Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) was interviewed regarding his condition at a recent promotion event A General, A Scholar, A Eunuch (超時空男臣) series on 19 August:

“I feel happy that the doctor forbids him to drink for 2 weeks.

I hope he will drink less from now onwards.

The reporter asked if she would persuade him to stop drinking completely. She responded that he loves drinking and has a huge wine collection at home.

“I cannot stop him completely but only hope that he will drink lesser. “

Reporters asked “Will you keep a tight eye on him since you are having a long vacation?”

She said, “Nope. If not, I will be more busy than working. Perhaps I will install webcam to monitor him.”

Colleague Matthew Ho (何廣沛) was present at the same event and mentioning about ending his 5 years relationship with Ice Chow (周梓盈), he rejects to reply and will handle his private affair in low manner.

Source: Ming Pao (HK)