Taiwanese girl group duo, By2 held a return banquet to celebrate the 9th anniversary of their star career with fans today. They revealed that they were once requested to prove that they did not have plastic surgery on their facial features.

They were asked to push their noses to prove that they are real.

The film was maliciously spread on the blog with the title of “By2 do plastic surgery”. Yumi angrily said:“I hope for mercy and there will be no more malicious news about this matter”.

In their hearts, they knew who the culprit was.

It was their ex-coworker.

They resorted to take legal action but was unsuccessful. The duo said mercilessly:

 “God is watching your every move, you will pay for it”,.

When asked about their current love lives, the girls giggled and said their busy schedule doesn’t allow them to maintain a stable relationship. However, Yumi stressed that she is more careful about making new friends as she did not want to repeat her mistakes of “making bad friends”. Her words seems to be directed to Mario Ho.